Mistika VR introduces a magic autocalibrate tool and immersive stitching in the Meta Quest 2 headset

Published On: November 18th, 2022

The latest update of the industry’s favorite optical flow stitching solution Mistika VR introduces groundbreaking new features, disrupting the way 360º media is being created. VR content creators are now able to simply calibrate their media automatically in one ‘magic’ click and stitch their media directly in the Meta Quest 2 headset. 

Using the brand new Mistika VR Connect, an add-on feature for the Mistika VR desktop host, users can manipulate their stitches into perfection and speed up feedback cycles by providing (remote) VR output for their clients or team members in real-time. 

To see all the features included in the new Mistika VR Connect application, have a look at this tutorial:

“We are super excited to deliver these brand new features as we are confident it will radically change the perception of VR post workflow from being challenging and difficult to being much more interactive, efficient and fun to do,” shared Miguel Angel Doncel, CEO at SGO.

To see all the features included in the new Mistika VR Connect application, have a look at this tutorial:

For more information visit Mistika VR Connect website.

In addition to the Mistika VR Connect add-on app, there are several other exciting new features coming with this latest release, greatly improving Virtual Production and other immersive workflows:

  • Autocalibrate Tool – a brand new “magic tool”, developed in collaboration with Meta will automatically calibrate your shots in a matter of seconds.
  • Custom Crop compatible with any virtual set – output resolution customization depending on where your images will be projected – virtual set, dome, immersive room, etc.
  • Dynamic tokens and tags in Name Conventions – new tokens system enabling metadata tag autofill in name convention.
  • CDL Grade for the Input Cameras  – a new menu added to the Camera Controls panel will enable the most precise color match of your cameras, enabling primary grading operations controlling offset, power, slope and saturation.

…and so much more! 

To discover all new features and improvements available in this release of Mistika VR, visit SGO Forum