Mistika VR stabilizes 360° footage in just one simple click

SGO has released a new version of Mistika VR, the fastest stitching software on the market, which brings a one-click stabilization tool that easily and quickly smooths out shaky footage.

The latest Mistika VR version is introducing many new features and is already available free of charge to all existing customers.

The Stabilization tool is the essence of this new version and comes with different settings to achieve the best result. The most significant and exciting one is the “one-click” option, that stabilizes the 360° footage with just one simple operation.

You can check out how to stabilize VR video with one click hereDetailed information on other new settings that come with the new Stabilize feature is available here.

Among other improvements that the latest version of Mistika VR brings the support of VR180 format, and utilities like “Clone Shot”, facilitating to try multiple settings versions of the same shot. The entire list of new features, new presets and fixed bugs is available here.

SGO rewards loyalty

Premium features, such as Stereo 3D and Stabilization tool are added to the Personal version of Mistika VR as a part of SGO‘s loyalty rewards. All subscription signed before January 31st, 2018 (including the existing ones) will receive and maintain these functionalities as long as the subscription is active. Orders that will be realized after that date will have the premium features included in the Mistika VR Professional Version only.




You can find detailed information on VR plans we offer here.

Mistika technology stands out with finishing the Underwater Mermaid project

VR Gets Wet for ‘Underwater Mermaid’ Swimwear Short, an article by Bryant Frazer

This ambitious project was created for the HTC Vive by Soma Fashion Network. Creative Director Karen Morgan described it as “a fantasyland that completely envelops the user”.

Cognition LA took care of finishing Underwater Mermaid Project, where stitched 4k images were conformed in Mistika system by Mike Williams.

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#Mistika VR Competition: Vote for your favourite 360° Christmas Holiday Spirit

SGO is holding a 360° international photo/video contest, open to all virtual reality community.

Mistika VR Facebook Christmas Competition” invited VR lovers around the globe to submit Christmas Spirit – inspired photos or videos for a chance to win Mistika VR, the fastest stitching software on the market.

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SGO is giving away prizes worth more than €1,300 Euros! Share your 360° Christmas Holiday Spirit for a chance to win #MistikaVR!

Would you like to win a Mistika VR Professional Edition license? Join the Mistika VR Christmas Competition 2017 and a subscription to our award-winning stitching software could be yours.

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SGO to support spanish short film project “The shortest Day”

Only one week left for the launch of the 5th edition of the Spanish short film celebration, “The shortest day” (“El día más corto”).

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Mistika VR takes the speed of rendering to a whole new level

We are delighted to announce the upcoming 8.8.4 Mistika VR version! As usual, this new upgrade is available to all our VR customers with no additional charge.

Mistika VR is acknowledged as the fastest stitching software on the market, and now it is even faster! Thanks to Nvidia GPU accelerated encoding, Mistika VR 8.8.4 achieves speeds quicker than real-time for a 4k VR media encoding. We are sure users will enjoy a significant speedup of renders with the new codecs available (h264 and h265) especially for systems where codification was the bottleneck.

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SGO demonstrates HPA award-winning software Mistika VR and Mistika Ultima at InterBEE 2017

SGO will be showcasing Mistika with exclusive demonstrations on VR, FX, Colour grading and finishing with a special focus on natively integrated collaborative workflows at InterBEE 2017 in November 2017.

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Día 3D 2017

¡La 22 edición del día 3D llega este año junto a Canon, TAI y SGO con lo más top de tendencias tecnológicas del mundo audiovisual!

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Mistika VR Stereo 3D Prerelease

We are about to release the Mistika VR Stereo 3D and we are much excited to share with you this amazing improvement. The Stereo 3D takes the Mistika VR experience to another level and we’d love to show you a fragment of these incredible new features.
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SGO to demonstrate new multi-dimensional workflow tools at IBC 2017

Collaborative solutions include Mistika Ultima with Mistika Co-Pilot, Mistika VR with new Stereo 3D toolset, Mistika Insight and Mistika FX preview.
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