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[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h3″ looks_like=”h3″]Unmatched Power
[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Unlimited Performance

From laptops running the full Mistika toolset, to stand-alone PCs, and on to multiple clustered PC environments, Mistika’s hardware can be configured to provide unmatched performance regardless of the client’s needs, guaranteeing true real-time performance to match the creative demands being made. The availability of such power is unique outside of massively huge computing configurations, configured with multiple GPU systems. A sledgehammer to crack a relatively small nut. Mistika’s requirements are far simpler, as it can perform far greater processing operations with far smaller hardware configurations.[/text_output][gap size=”3em”]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Small Package High Performance

Most computer based high-performance systems require excessively large configurations, with multiple GUP cards, to come close to providing a near real-time level of performance. A single Mistika workstation with only a couple of GPU cards can provide guaranteed true real-time performance for unimaginable levels of creative operations. Virtually unlimited numbers of primary corrections, secondaries, isolation shapes, defocus effects, complex vfx manipulations, and more, all with real-time review.[/text_output]

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[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Expanded Power

When demands elevate to stratospheric levels Mistika can respond by clustering systems to build a processing network that maintains true real-time operation when other systems would falter, or require excessively large, complex and expensive super computer level configurations.[/text_output]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Timeless Render

Mistika can operate real-time, even with the most complex creative settings imaginable. Through a combination of highly optimised GPU processing, with multi-GPU configuration as required, fully parallel file format encoding and decoding for complex codecs and exclusive disc IO optimisation, Mistika can provide true real-time performance up to 8K+, without any requirement to wait for rendering processes to complete. SGO storage systems are individually customized for client needs, with SGO providing integration services with for any existing infrastructure, no matter its complexity.[/text_output]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Open SAN        

Storage area networks (SANs) provide for high speed direct connection to shared storage. Mistika’s external storage provides the base for a SAN even when there is only a single Mistika system, preparing the ground for future connection of future systems without the need for storage replacement or reformatting, saving not only cost but also time. SGO understands that when a client needs to grow capacity it is normally an urgent need.[/text_output][gap size=”3em”]

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[gap size=”3em”][text_output]High Performance

Multiple Mistika systems can share central storage with up to 8K+ resolution uncompressed real-time performance using multiple 16Gb fibre channel links. Up to 6 Gigabyte/sec sustained bandwidth for each system is provided for using a single 4 x 16Gb board on the system mainframe. Just one disk array with a size of only 2U can provide 8K+ real-time performance or 4 x 4K sustained real-time streams, all with standard NLSAS or SAS drives without the need of SSD drives.[/text_output]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]High Reliability

Mistika SAN storage uses fully protected raid5 configuration, with write cache supercapacitors and automatic spare drive from the most basic models upwards. SGO also provides the best possible human support, with no ‘support layers’ in the middle, directly provided from the most experienced storage engineers.[/text_output]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]High Scalability

All Mistika systems connect directly to the disks as if they were a local volume, with no file server that can become saturated during use, and no limits to the number of systems and disk arrays that can be added. Each volume can grow from 24 Terabytes up to multiple Petabytes without the need for filesystem reformating at any time.[/text_output]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Total Connectivity

Based on the Stornext filesystem, and also fully compatible with Xsan, mistika’s storage permits direct connections from 3rd party systems running on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems at top speeds and without any intermediate servers. Systems with smaller bandwidth requirements can connect through standard networks through a bridge server, with no licenses required for each one.[/text_output]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Smart Storage

Mistika storage forces the allocation of files in consecutive disk blocks and with no fragmentation, even when multiple systems are writing enumerated sequences simultaneously, using a smart allocation policy to avoid speed reduction at the end of the disk. Uniquely different to alternative storage approaches, Mistika’s SAN permits ultra-high performance (up to 8K+ resolution) even when using standard SATA disks, even when the disks are 99% full. No other storage system provides such high-performance capabilities.[/text_output]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Future Proven

Mistika’s SAN and storage is always built with standard fibre channel components and Stornext filesystem software, which permits the integration with open hardware solutions, preventing the client becoming slaved to one manufacturer. Fibre channel SANs have evolved to 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb, and 16Gb over the years, always maintaining backward compatibility as well as future upgrade potential. Most SAN infrastructures installed by SGO over the last 8 years are still using the initial storage units, and have been seamlessly upgraded throughout their life.[/text_output]

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