RAIDIX and Mistika: SGO Unlocks Secrets of Fast Data Storage at IBC 2016

SGO, a top provider of innovative high end post-production solutions, and RAIDIX, a leading data storage vendor, showcased RAIDIX-powered Mistika at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam (September 9–13, 2016). The upgraded Mistika included a custom-built RAIDIX 4.4 CentOS edition integrated within a Mistika storage option for record-breaking performance with multiple parallel video streams.

MADRID, SEPTEMBER 26, 2016: A leader in digital color correction, VFX and finishing software applications, Spanish developer SGO introduced its renewed Mistika system based on RAIDIX data storage software at IBC 2016. SGO’s flagship product, Mistika has been dubbed “a post-production studio-in-a-box”. Packed with a wealth of post-production tools to boost creativity, it also features built-in RAID storage to ensure superior performance levels for handling 4K streams. The high level of hardware integration permits to offer very compact solutions, easily portable for On-Set production in a single Mistika system.

The RAIDIX solutions built on patented erasure coding methods and innovative technology designed by the in-house Research Lab. Compatible with commodity-off-the-shelf server hardware, RAIDIX commits to resilient storage with high throughput, robust performance and low latency.

Incorporated into Mistika, the RAIDIX Media technology ensures simultaneous processing of multi-thread sequential video from a plethora of post-production workstations. As part of its QoS strategy, RAIDIX employs machine learning to identify process-critical applications and assign them maximum priority over resource-hungry yet less relevant applications.

Balanced workloads, full support of the entire post-production cycle, and very high reliability data availability make Mistika a premium choice for budget-savvy performance-driven content makers. By adding CentOS compatibility to the comprehensive solution, SGO and RAIDIX adopt the stability, security and load-balance updates available to the users of Community ENTerprise Operating System.

Mistika’s market-tested features include timeline-based editing, finishing, color grading, image restoration, compositing and support for a host of media formats including native support for the codecs of the most used cameras from ARRI, RED, SONY, CANON and PHANTOM. Adding value to professional functionality, RAIDIX enables real-time content processing for the most demanding tasks like realtime processing of 4K DPX / EXR uncompressed formats.

“When we started the project, it seemed quite straightforward: take RAIDIX, install it as a RAID engine, tune performance through little tweaks, and there you go. However, as we went down the road and our developers worked closely with SGO team, we came up with a customized version of the software to meet all requirements of our partner. It is so exciting that now RAIDIX has become part of Mistika, the flagship product for video editing”, states Anna Belova, VP Business Development at RAIDIX.

Mistika, powered by RAIDIX CentOS was showcased at the SGO and Canon booths at IBC 2016. The solution revealed top operation speeds and full data integrity even under extreme data loads and in emulated degradation mode.

Aside of Media & Entertainment, RAIDIX ships tailored solutions to Enterprise, Video Surveillance, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and other data-rich verticals.

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