SGO launches Mistika Co-Pilot – a real time assistant to Mistika Ultima

New additional seat allows for two artists to work simultaneously speeding up workflows.

On the back of NAB 2017, we are pleased to announce the launch of Mistika Co-Pilot, a second seat that acts as an assistant to our current turnkey offering ‘Mistika Ultima’.

As part of the recently launched multi-dimensional workflow concept, Mistika Co-Pilot has been developed to work off one Mistika Ultima system in real-time, allowing two artists to work on a project simultaneously, driving workflow efficiency.

“Mistika Co-Pilot has been developed as a response to our customers’ need to improve their workflow efficiency, we believe the addition of Mistika Co-Pilot to Mistika Ultima will answer this need by creating a truly collaborative workflow,” comments, Geoff Mills, Managing Director, SGO. “The additional seat will come with the next release of Mistika Ultima and will be free of charge to existing customers.”

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