SGO released another new version of the industry-adopted optical flow stitching software solution Mistika VR, providing its users with exciting new features, boost in quality and performance and additional VR 360º camera presets. This release is available at no extra charge to all active users.

Feather Parameter for Individual Camera & Performance Boost

The latest release of Mistika VR expands Optical Flow Stitching capabilities with newly integrated Feather Parameter for Individual Camera, empowering its users with much more control, greater flexibility and higher precision when stitching 360º footage.

Mistika VR is now even faster – up to 30% – due to the optimization of GPU RAM usage, allowing to work with higher resolutions on smaller GPU’s. Performance enhancements can also be seen in other aspects, for example when navigating in the storyboard, improving the geometry of the shot or loading the timeline.

Responsive GUI for High Resolution Monitors & Additional Presets

Another new feature added to Mistika VR is responsive GUI for high resolution monitors, improving the visibility of the whole interface. The preset library has also been expanded, adding Panono, Teche Phimax3D, TecheTE720 and iZugar Z4XC camera. The complete list of new features, camera presets and improvements made to Mistika VR 8.10 can be found HERE.

Mistika VR Feature Request Survey 2019 results are now available!

“We’d like to thank all of you for taking the time to fill out this survey and for truly overwhelming feedback received,” said Miguel Angel Doncel, CEO at SGO emphasizing that they are committed to developing differentiating features and toolsets that lead the way in the VR market.

Find out more about the results of the Mistika VR Feature Request Survey June 2019 by clicking HERE.