SGO is delighted to announce the latest ‘family member’ to join the expanding line-up of Natively Integrated Mistika Technology products. Mistika Workflows is an all-new and affordable software solution, enabling the creation of standard and user-defined media workflows without any knowledge about programming. Mistika Workflows will have it’s world preview at NAB 2019 in Las Vegas (April 8-11).

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“Mistika Workflows is the tool that the post-production industry is craving for and will revolutionize the way content deployment and other media processing tasks are done by automating and facilitating many inefficient and tedious workflows,” shared     Miguel Angel Doncel, CEO at SGO and added that Mistika Workflows if far from being the typical IT tool only accessible to engineers. “Due to its easy-to-use interface and smart features, we have designed Mistika Workflows to be used by all industry professionals with various skill levels, enabling highly efficient, truly productive and fully customized media content production.”

As Geoff Mills, Managing Director at SGO says, “Mistika Technology is immensely powerful, coming from years of development and input from our customers.  This is a great opportunity for us to bring our first non-creative product to market as we continue to expand our range of cutting-edge technology products and solutions that are now available to a much wider and growing  audience.”

Media Content Management Reinvented

Running on Windows, macOS and Linux, Mistika Workflows provides an extensive list of features, including media transcoding, watch folder, metadata and proxy generation, content packaging and file transfers – even directly to the cloud.

Additionally, Mistika Workflows enables seamless automation for encoding and data moving as a whole with the Data Mover feature. Example capabilities are file copy over the network, tar compression, FTP transfers and Signiant uploads.

Highly Scalable and Fully Customized

Javier Moreno, Technical Director at SGO describes that most media automation systems are workflow locked and anchored to traditional pipelines. “They have good support for codecs used by broadcasters and the connectivity with their usual media servers. However, they typically cannot keep up with the massive media market transformation and advanced connectivity being only available on enterprise systems with elevated hardware, integration and support costs.”

Conversely, Moreno continues, Mistika Workflows is specifically designed for flexible pipelines with excellent support for demanding formats that are becoming mainstream. “Combined with a truly open Python interface integrated within the core of the application for customized connectivity, this makes Mistika Workflows the perfect tool for defining workflows that are changing and evolving on a daily basis.” Mistika Workflows’ highly scalable and open architecture provides infinite options for its implementation and personalized use depending on the production’s needs.”

Affordable Prices with Flexible Payment Options

Mistika Workflows will be available online through the SGO Shop based on a pay-per-use business model with flexible payment options from just Euro €49 a month. The Open Beta Program will be available soon, but you can register your interest now and we will keep you posted on Mistika Workflows-related updates. Click HERE to register your interest.