With NAB (Las Vegas, April 7-12) approaching, we are delighted to announce our exciting plans for the show. SGO’s booth (N2503VR) is just a few steps away from the main stage in the North Hall and will be a set for many industry professionals who will be sharing their unique experience and broad knowledge through several different public sessions.

Finishing in Post, Immersive Storytelling and underwater VR production are just some of the topics our guest speakers will cover and are not to be missed.

SGO will present for the very first time a new product as a part of it’s natively integrated Multi-dimensional Workflow Concept which will increase efficiency for VFX real-time playback and review. We will also unveil a number of enhancements to Mistika Ultima and Mistika VR and a new strategy to make our finishing solutions more accessible and increase the number of users.

The sessions’ schedule across the four days will be out soon. You’re welcome at any time to come say hello, see what we are doing and meet the SGO team.

Mistika Ultima can also be seen at Tangent Wave (SU7814) and Quantum (SL8511).

Here is the fabulous line-up of our sessions:

ONE for ALL – Using Mistika for unified 360° workflow
Hugh Hou,
Co-Founder at CreatorUp

Monday, 9 April – 15:00

During this session, Hugh will be presenting how to use a powerful, unified tool for all 360° post-production regarding stitching. He will be sharing best practices along with his own tips & tricks on using the Mistika VR for processing client footage shot from multiple different cameras — from Insta360 Pro to Obsidian S/R to a custom-built 4 GH5s 360 rig. The goal of the session is to introduce an evergreen framework to simplify the 360° post-producers work while enabling them to work with the most demanding clients. The framework will include topics like using the Mistika to create 360° Cover Art, DNG HDR Timelapse, and stabilizing footage without using expensive alternatives.

Finishing is the new color grading
Jef Grosfeld, professional colorist for film and video productions 

Monday, 9 April – 13:00 and Tuesday, 10 April – 11:30

Post-production roles have experienced dramatic changes in this constantly evolving industry. In this session, Jef will address the fact that the colorist profession has shifted more towards that of a finishing artist. Today, as a colorist he not only has to deliver great looking content but has to fulfil and fix a much broader spectrum of post-production challenges.

Underwater VR Production
Matt DeJohn, VR and VFX Supervisor

Monday, 9 April – 12:00 and Tuesday 10 April – 14:00

Challenges, best practices, and lessons learned from producing high grade underwater stereoscopic 360 content, from pre-production planning through post. Matt is also planning to touch on how they were able to partner with SGO to implement a template for the VRTUL 1 and VRTUL 2 camera systems and how Mistika VR was able to help them evolve their pipeline to be more efficient.

The Making of “as it is”
Thomas Hayden, Co-Founder, 360 Labs

Monday 9 April – 11:00 and Wednesday 11 April – 14:00

The Optical Flow, Match Color, and Edge Points of Mistika VR were used to seamlessly bring the Grand Canyon together for 360 Labs’ VR documentary “as it is”. Director/Producer/CoFounder Thomas Hayden will walk through the challenges of a few key scenes and discuss how the 360 Labs team stitched space and time to keep the viewer immersed in an important 360 story.

Stereo Stitching with Mistika VR
Jeff Olm, VFX artist, Colorist, and Director

Wednesday 11 April – 16:30

In this session, Jeff will show how to use Mistika VR in a Stereo VR workflow. From dailies to editorial, he will share his tips on creating final high quality 360 VR stereo imagery.

Depth of Field and the future of storytelling
Chen Dan, Kandao CEO 

Tuesday 10 April – 16:30

As virtual reality hits the masses, content creators utilse 360-degree filming to pursue a high-level immersive medium that brings volumetric capture of real-life experiences. Kandao’s CEO will explain how to incorporate the six-degree of freedom technology to push the boundaries and sense of presence for the viewer, discussing the possibilities of industry applications.

Revamping Old 360 Footage with Mistika VR
Matt Rowell, President & Co-Founder, 360 Labs

Monday 9 April – 14:00 and Wednesday 11 April – 15:00

Mistika VR can revitalize old, unsynced, and challenging footage that would have once been deemed impossible to stitch seamlessly in the past. Matt will talk about one such project, Passing the Torch, a 360 video about US Olympic ski team’s Hannah Kearney and Keaton McCargo, shot in 2015 and remastered with today’s advanced stitching techniques.

Learning Stereo 3D VR Workflow
Rachel Bracker, VR Post Supervisor, 360 Labs

Monday 9 April – 16:30 and Tuesday 10 April – 12:30 

As a 360 video editor, Rachel is always embracing new software to achieve the best possible results. After completing “as it is”: A Grand Canyon VR documentary in 6K monoscopic 360º video, she embarked on a new challenge: recreate a similar version of the film, only this time in stunning stereo 3D 360! She’ll share her tips for learning an entirely new stereo workflow, advice for achieving quality stereo using Mistika VR, and all the challenges she encountered along the way. If you’re thinking about shooting your next project in stereo, Rachel’s talk will help bring you up to speed.

The Future of Frameless Media
Nick Bicanic, Founder at RVLVR

Tuesday 10 April – 15:00 and Wednesday 11 April – 12:00

Frameless Media is a convenient catch all media that exists beyond the conventional frame. This includes 180 and 360 video, VR and AR. In this session, Nick addresses evolving storytelling techniques as well as the practical and financial realities of the medium for creators and consumers.

“Me and my 700 friends, the sharks”
Alexandre Regeffe, founder of Neotopy

Tuesday 10 April – 10:30

In this session, Alexandre will present his “700 sharks” documentary and discuss how practical and magical Mistika VR was on the project that was facing difficult stitching challenges. He will also share his interesting anecdotes from the field: From Polynesia to NYC, the shooting of the “replay memories” project, an interactive VR documentary about 9/11.