Pushing the limits. Taking on the challenge

Pushing the limits. Taking on the challenge

Welcome to the SGO Special Projects Division

SGO is globally recognised and highly respected for providing leading high-end technology solutions and has been the ‘go-to’ company when projects and workflows are challenging, demanding or even need bespoke custom development.

With over a century of industry experience within the team at SGO we are able to offer tailored turnkey systems, agile storage solutions, workflow consultancy, engineering experience and customer support at the highest levels – both for now and the future – all combined with the dedication and passion to meet your needs and those of your customers.

Technology provided at this level requires special knowledge and understanding combined with a personal approach which is why SGO has created the Special Projects Division – delivering professional solutions and services – just as you need them.

Powered by Linux for unlimited possibilities

Powered by Linux for unlimited possibilities

Creative Mistika Technology

mistika ultima

Mistika Ultima is the ‘flagship’ and foundation of all Mistika Technology solutions, being the world’s most advanced and powerful Hero Suite. 

Being unrivalled in its capability and performance Mistika Ultima provides a totally integrated toolset for conforming, on-line editing, VFX, colour grading, text, paint, audio, S3D, VR/360, full finishing, and more, in a completely scalable, truly interactive, fully real-time, and totally resolution independent post-production system. 

As a pioneer turnkey solution, it is completely customizable and scalable, enabling real-time Finishing for 8K Full UHD at 60p, and beyond!

Contact us for more information: sales@sgo.es

Cost effective and totally dependable

Cost effective and totally dependable

SGO Storage Solutions

To achieve exceptional, cost-effective performance, even in a shared environment, you need agile and dependable storage. For decades, SGO has been designing, delivering and supporting ‘media’ focussed installations all over the world to meet the demands of 8K and beyond.

From simple internal storage solutions to large scale SAN environments, SGO offers a wide range of options. 

Need an expert opinion?

You may not have the relevant expertise in-house so the SGO Special Projects Division team can be strategically deployed to analyse your requirements and give advice on topics such as creative solutions, cost savings, technical innovation and importantly for efficiency – workflows.

SGO Engineering and Technical Support Services

You’re never really alone when deploying Mistika Technology. Our dedicated team of skilful engineers and Mistika User Experts are always there to help you every step on the way.

Looking for something special?

Cost effective and totally dependable.

SGO Development On Demand

Depending on a project’s complexity, workflow or perhaps even a future deliverable there may not be a viable option from generic solutions in the market. SGO has often been able to solve this with bespoke custom Mistika Technology development services to ensure these demands can be met.

SGO will always take a very honest and realistic approach, both in what can be achieved and within what timeframe. The benefits can be huge:

– Mistika Technology is built on many years of development which can be further exploited and without the need to start from scratch.

– The fit-for-purpose solution is designed to exactly meet your needs.

– A tailored solution is flexible and reliable which typically saves time and money.

– Regular testing of initial prototypes ensures a more efficient development cycle.

– A bespoke solution is often easier to adapt to any future changes you may need.