Join the upcoming Mistika Masterclass and learn how to master Color Managed Workflows in Mistika Boutique

HDR deliverables have become a key requirement by major OTT streaming services and studios that enhance images with more detail in the shadows and highlights and extra color. New demanding HDR standards are providing content creators with a compelling new palette of choices on one hand, but on the other, still causing a number of difficult challenges. In the upcoming Mistika Masterclass you will learn how to comply and deploy efficient but yet flexible Color Management strategies in Mistika Boutique using ACES and Dolby Vision.

Mistika Masterclass ‘Mastering Color Managed Workflows in Mistika Boutique’ will take place on Thursday 3rd October 2019 at 09:00 and 18:00 (UTC/GMT).


Mastering Color Managed Workflows in Mistika Boutique

Color Management with RAW formats

Understanding the Unicolor Effect

Managing Color per shot, per selected clips or per project

Placing the color grade in the right position in the timeline

Workflow example for DCPs

ACES workflow combining Unicolor and ACES ODT

Setting up a dual output for HDR and SDR workflows

Dolby Vision workflow

Using Display Filters for Color Management

 Propagate color settings between different versions of the same project


After this Masterclass, Mistika Expert user Adrian Gonzalez Diaz will be available to answer questions raised during the session. Sign up now by clicking on the Mistika Masterclass session of your choice below:


Thank you for visiting SGO at IBC 2019!

Thank you to everybody who visited SGO at IBC 2019 in Amsterdam. It was great catching up with old friends and meeting many new ones! We truly appreciate the time taken to come by to see the latest updates and new products joining the line-up of Mistika Technology.

“We are delighted with all the positive feedback we received at the show regarding the new-generation Mistika software solutions,” said Geoff Mills, Managing Director at SGO. One of the main highlights was SGO’s brand new product Mistika Workflows, which provides faster, smarter and easier content management, deployment and delivery. “We will be releasing an upgraded Open Beta of Mistika Workflows in the coming days with new features and improvements made throughout this game-changing software application.”

Friendly Reminder: Special IBC Promotion for SGO’s full finishing solution for macOS and Windows Mistika Boutique expires on 30 September 2019. You can subscribe now and get the Professional Immersive Edition of Mistika Boutique for only €99/month or €990/year, which represents a saving over 65 percent on the normal price. The Special IBC Promotion price will be maintained as long as the subscription is not canceled and remains active.


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SGO to host Guest Sessions by Top Industry Experts at IBC 2019

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SGO releases new version of Mistika Boutique, adding Sony X-OCN codec support and Panasonic VLOG-L Mode

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SGO to release Mistika Boutique at NAB 2019, integrating high-end toolsets now available to all versatile, adaptable and multi-skilled creatives

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Mistika Technology unlocked MECHANICAL SOULS’ impressive final looks with very high image quality

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NY’s WorleyWorks Adds Verve and Vivacity with Mistika Precision

AArmadillo supplies Mistika Precision Panels for Expanding Grading Department.

WorleyWorks, LLC. has added a Mistika Precision Color Grading Panel from SGO
to furnish its expanding grading department in response to demand for one-stop color and finishing services. With the support of SGO’s local partner, AArmadillo, it has stepped-up to industry-leading grading technology to deliver the best finish.

WorleyWorks became the first New York studio to invest in Mistika. Having recently added a second system earlier this year
, they have now integrated Mistika and new panels into their workflow. The company’s two Mistika systems play a vital role, where one is used as the predominant client-facing “Hero” suite and the second for back-ups or on set purposes. WorleyWorks has created a niche in the feature film and commercials markets by working with some of the world’s most creative directors such as Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and Ang Lee, where they produced one of the country’s first High Frame Rate-Stereo 3D-2K 60p workflows.

Jack Reynolds, WorleyWorks DI Colorist states, “The precision panel is the final piece of the puzzle for us, the real-time performance of Mistika has always been a massive asset when working against tight deadlines, when you combine this with the added tactile control and custom mapping features of the precision panel, you create an environment where creativity and efficiency can coexist. The more efficient our pipeline, the more time we have in the color session to create beautiful images and the happier our clients are on completion.”

CEO and Co-Founder Greg Worley expands, “SGO’s Mistika technology has always bucked the trend and delivers performance and functionality that other systems struggle to match. Although other manufacturers boast of competent tools, Mistika’s vast 2D and 3D feature-sets, in our view, far outshine the competition in helping us to post produce exquisite images.”

“WorleyWorks continues to lead NY post with their Mistika, they can now offer Extended Dynamic Range as a delivery format if required. The delivery of the Mistika Precision Panel will increase efficiencies within the suite, multiple palettes, effects and layers can be applied simultaneously and remain completely interactive during the session.” CEO Colin Ritchie of SGO’s North American Reseller Partner, AArmadillo says. “Greg is a great customer, he knows the Mistika team is focused on the tools that will keep WorleyWorks at the “bleeding edge” of this industry with unparalleled rendering speed and tools that deliver 99.9% of the creatives’ requests.”

Geoff Mills, SGO’s Director of Global Sales & Operations comments, “WorleyWorks’ appeal is their fresh approach to the complete post production service including adept color grading and creating unique looks. Mistika’s credibility and ability to work with 4K material in real time, from RAW camera footage is a real advantage. As a boutique business they felt it was important to have the most efficient grading functionality available in order to meet the various challenges. Mistika’s exciting future-proofing attributes are an important consideration to WorleyWorks and we are delighted to see their investment reap growth and success now and for many years ahead.”

Founded seven years ago by Greg and Minah Worley, WorleyWorks has an excellent reputation in New York for attracting high-end commercials and feature film work. The company provides bespoke services in 2D, HFR, Stereo 3D, and 4K post production, including DI color grading and compositing, high-speed lighting, for clientèle that include Paramount, Universal and Viacom.

A stones throw away from the Williamsburg Bridge, the Brooklyn facility boasts some of the most powerful and advanced technology available. The Company harnesses this power to offer unrivaled efficiency and an expansive creative toolset to ensure projects are cut/colored/delivered to the highest possible standard.

Servicing the Film/TV Markets in NYC and beyond, WorleyWorks’ team of creatives are dedicated to providing support at all stages of production, they supply equipment for production, workflow design, suites for editorial and complete Digital Intermediate services.

Whether it’s HD, 2K, 4K, 6K, 8K+ resolution, 16 bit half floating point, High Frame Rate, ACES, Stereo 3D, or all of the above, WorleyWorks offers a full range of services from acquisition all the way through to creation of the final DCP.
Visit them at
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For Further information, contact: or call (646) 797-2941, (85 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11249)

AArmadillo, Inc. offers post-production film / TV companies as well as manufacturers, a variety of services based on over 40 years combined expertise and skill-sets within the entertainment industry.
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For further information, contact Colin Ritchie, AArmadillo, Cell: 310 871 8905; Fax 603 737 9766.