Mistika Workflows adds further customization of media management, enhanced user experience and DCP transcoding

By |2020-07-16T14:22:31+02:00July 16th, 2020|Mistika Workflows|

SGO has released a new upgrade of Mistika Workflows, bringing improved functionality enhancements with an even greater flexibility and customization of media management, transcoding and delivery processes.  One new feature is Render Priority functionality, displayed [...]

Five easy steps to automate multi-master deliveries for only €49/month with SGO’s brand new Mistika Workflows

By |2020-07-01T16:51:29+02:00June 17th, 2020|Mistika Workflows|

The lack of automation and repetitive human intervention leading to errors are still one of the main bottlenecks in the post-production pipelines, especially when it comes to transcoding, multi-master packaging and content delivery.  With SGO’s [...]

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