Beautifully Creative Technology

Beautifully Creative Technology

Technology Partners

Mistika’s advanced technology is made possible but our industry partners, whose products and assistance make the impossible possible.


The Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) is becoming the industry standard for managing color, image interchange and archiving throughout the life cycle of a motion picture or television production.

AJA Video Systems

AJA develops an extensive range of solutions for the professional video and audio market, from conversion devices to I/O solutions, digital recorders, cameras and more. High-profile media companies around the globe, along with broadcasters, networks, post-production houses, mobile truck operators, cinematographers, film editors and more, rely on the reliability, flexibility, and performance of AJA technologies.


ARRI has been associated with constant innovation and revolutionary technologies across all aspects of the film industry, and leads the field in digital acquisition with its ALEXA digital camera system, which delivers the highest quality images with minimal noise, wide dynamic range and workflows.


Celebrating 25 years of industry leadership, ATTO Technology, Inc. is a global leader of storage and network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments. ATTO provides a wide range of end-to-end solutions to help customers better store, manage and deliver their data.


Quantum is a recognized leader in software and hardware solutions for storing, sharing, protecting and managing file data. Quantum solves many of today’s most challenging storage problems, delivering outstanding storage performance, efficiency, flexibility and scale.


ENISA is a public corporation in Spain that is subject to the authority of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. As of 1982, the organisation has been an active participant in the financing of viable and innovative projects throughout all of the relevant industries, ranging from general management of small to medium-sized companies.


HP’s workstations and servers are ideal for the most data-intensive applications with massive data capacity and system expandability, combined with massive horsepower. It is this unprecedented power that helps make Mistika the most advanced DI system available.

Light Illusion

Light Illusion’s LightSpace CMS is the most capable and feature rich colour management systems (CMS) available within the industry, offering a wide range of tools and capabilities to enable the generation of accurate 3D LUTs for post-production and on-set operation, as well as accurate display device calibration, including profile matching from monitors, projectors and film density profiles.

Ministerio de Industria, energía y turismo (gobierno de España)

The project “Advanced software for stereoscopic composition and 2D and 3D effect” has been co-financed by the Ministry of industry, within the National plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2013-2016. File number TSI-100600-2013-10.

Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital (gobierno de España)

The project “Advanced post for VR/augmented Reality” has been co-financed by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, within the National plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2013-2016. File number TSI-100600-2015-21.

Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte (gobierno de España)

Proyecto: ” Nuevas formas de comunicar-Generación colaborativa de contenidos audiovisuales en la nube. Fase1.″Actividad subvencionada por el Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte

Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte (gobierno de España)

Proyecto: “Sistema integrado de postproducción de contenidos 8K/VR/3D/HDR. Desde rodaje hasta emisión. Fase 1.”Actividad subvencionada por el Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte.


Nvidia is the world leader in visual computing technologies and inventor of the GPU, a high-performance processor that generates breathtaking interactive graphics. SGO uses the Nvidia’s GPU architecture to enable hardware-accelerated features far beyond those found in other graphics solutions.


The genesis of RED stirred in 2005, with the first RED ONE camera being delivered in August of 2007. RED set out to realize the world’s best cameras, based on the RAW file capture of digital SLRs. The RED team has engineered a range of camera capable of recording RAW, 4K and beyond resolution images.


RAIDIX is the most innovative software developing company providing contemporary solutions for high-performance storage systems. Strategic value of company products roots in patented methods of erasure coding designed by in-house research lab. RAIDIX solutions are perfectly optimized for data-rich industries where stable performance of the system is crucial for smooth client workflow.


Tangent Devices provides quality control solutions for the visual post-production industry worldwide, providing a range of hardware control surfaces that have become the panels of choice for high-end DI grading systems, including the SGO Mistika.


RTVE is Spain’s largest state-owned public media company. It is made up of TVE, with seven television channels; RNE, with six radio stations; the website, the RTVE Institute and the RTVE Orchestra and Choir. RTVE is a benchmark of quality and guarantees the existence of channels with diverse and balanced programming for all audiences. The Corporation develops projects that reflect its commitment to new technologies and sustainable development.


Kandao Technology is a high-tech company creating innovative imaging products. Being the first Chinese company to receive the Best of Innovation CES Award in the Digital Imaging product category, Kandao is in the leading position of VR camera development, both hardware and software, as well as immersive video conferencing solution.

Mosaic 51

Mosaic 51 is specialized in building robust 360° cameras specifically for ground-level mapping and imaging at scale, with available services combining our hardware, logistics know-how, and delivery of data in one vertically integrated solution.


Insta 360 is a company founded in 2015 that has been searching for a 360 camera which would allow people to share great moments with anybody in the world — not just snapshots or partial glimpses, but full, immersive moments.

Gracias al apoyo obtenido de los Fondos de la Unión Europea y de la Comunidad de Madrid, SGO ha llevado a cabo, en Abril del 2022, la contratación de 1 Joven formando parte de su equipo de desarrollo.
Programa: “Impulso a la Contratación Estable de Jóvenes para la Recuperación Económica”