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[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h3″ looks_like=”h3″]Unrivalled Throughput[/custom_headline]
[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Throughout Production

From on-set through to final delivery Mistika can be used to define and re-define all stages of a project. The full Mistika system running on a laptop can be used on-set to check shots, build preliminary looks that can be saved as the basis for later on-line creative workflows, saving time both during production and post-production, while increasing final product creativity.[/text_output][gap size=”3em”]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Unmatched in Post-Production

Every project brings its own unique demands and challenges, and the last thing a demanding client wants to hear is about problems. Mistika is the only system that combines power, performance, quality, and creative capability into a single user-managed real-time environment. A true Hero Suite, removing traditional limitations that all other systems encounter and struggle with. From boutique facilities through to large studio based workflows, working on commercials, music videos, TV production, and feature films, nothing comes close to removing creative barriers and technical challenges.[/text_output]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Project Collaboration

Larger projects require expanded workflows if bottlenecks are to be avoided, and throughput maintained. While many systems talk collaboration, few can actually achieve the necessary level of creative integration to maintain the desired level of throughput. Mistika provides the most scalable workflows possible, from single system through to multiple workstations, all collaborating on the exact same timeline, including the integration of 3rd party systems, for example for complex vfx shots, matte painting, and more, allowing the hero operator to control the overall creativity of the project, without restriction. Truly flexible teamwork, allowing individual elements of a larger project to be separated out and worked on individually, while maintaining a single overall level of creative control.[/text_output]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Camera RAW

Modern cinematography has adopted a RAW approach to capture that more closely mimics traditional film negative, requiring greater levels of manipulation before an image is viewed as the cinematographer envisioned. Working RAW provides great flexibility, but to maintain the best possible image quality requires non-destructive workflows, with the ability to perform extensive manipulations without rendering, conversion, or translation. Only Mistika’s guaranteed true real-time capabilities provide this level of non-destructive image manipulation.[/text_output]

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[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Editorial Round Trip

Feature film and long-form TV provide any post-production operation with real workflow challenges, trying to fit as many creative decisions as possible into the available time. The only way this can be accomplished is by overlapping editorial with grading and finishing, with editorial changes happening right up to the final deadline. Being able to ingest editorial changes, without having to re-visit previous on-line creative decisions is the only way this can be accomplished. Round-tripping with Mistika means you can accomplish this, right up to the wire![/text_output][gap size=”3em”]

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Key Features

Mistika has a totally unique tool-set, providing unmatched capabilities which redefine the concept of a Hero Suite.[/text_output]

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