How to create Virtual Sets with Mistika Technology

Published On: September 17th, 2021

In the last few years, virtual production has been transforming the art and craft of filmmaking, making the process more sustainable and economical. With refinements of technology and boost of remote collaboration, more and more facilities have been replacing the green screens with output LED walls, tearing down the limits of what can be seen through the camera on the live-action set and what needs to be imagined to be added digitally many months later.

Being an integral part of Virtual Production, Virtual Sets are typically high-resolution immersive background images displayed on rounded LED screens. To be able to create seamlessly stitched and high-quality content, creators need to be equipped not only with powerful hardware, but also cutting-edge technology that will offer them the right set of tools to post-produce 360º images and panoramic images. 

In SGO’s recently launched Masterclass, Mistika Boutique Product Manager Adrian Gonzalez demonstrates how to create Virtual Sets with the industry’s favorite stitching software  Mistika VR and full-finishing and color grading solution Mistika Boutique.

Mistika Boutique is one of the pioneering solutions in the immersive post-production technology sector and is the only finishing system that enables the complete creation of immersive content from initial optical flow stitching, color grading, VFX and all the way to the final deliverables.

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