AVID DNx codecs for mistika

Decoding and encoding of Avid DNxHR and DNxHD for Mistika Technology.

Plans and Pricing Details

Monthly payment with automatic renewal

Save more with annual payment with automatic renewal

30-Day License with no automatic renewals

1-Year License with no automatic renewals

All prices and online transactions are in Euro € and do not include local/state sales or VAT tax which will be calculated and applied where applicable during the Check Out process.

Payment Options

All AVID DNx Codec for Mistika Boutique (30-day and 1-year) and all Mistika Workflows subscriptions (Monthly and Annual) can be purchased through PayPal and Credit Card via Stripe.

Cancellation Policy

Orders can be canceled at any time, regardless of the subscription type (monthly or annual). Payments are non-refundable, but your activation license code will remain active until the end of the last paid billing period.