The upcoming Mistika Masterclass will focus on the professional Color Grading tools in Mistika Boutique, SGO’s finishing software solution for Windows and macOS. Comprehensive and flexible toolsets for both SDR and HDR provide creatives with innovative techniques and latest color science, enabling new levels of adjustment, control and finesse.

This session will be hosted by Colorist and HDR Workflow Specialist Francisco Ramos, who will be sharing his broad expertise on Professional Color. “In this Masterclass, participants will get a deep understanding on how the Colour Correction node works in Mistika Boutique – and of course, Mistika Ultima. Starting with a primary grade to set the base we will then demonstrate the node’s internal hierarchy and see how easily it can be used to our advantage. This will show how the fully integrated tools work seamlessly together to unleash many creative opportunities,” shared Ramos.  

Mistika MasterclassA Guide to Color Grading in Mistika Boutique’ will take place on Thursday, 6 June at 09:00 and 18:00 (UTC/GMT) and will provide a complete overview of functionalities in Mistika Boutique’s color grading toolset.


Mistika Masterclass
A Guide to Color Grading in Mistika Boutique

Setting up a Mistika Timeline for Color Correction

How to layer the timeline; Setting up the stack; Learning the flow of the stack

The Color Node

RGB Primaries & Printer Lights; HSL Bands & Ranges; Fixed Vectors; Curves – RGB & HSL

The Vector Hierarchy
The Options Panel; Is a new Vector a serial Node?; The Key Source;

Impact on Ranges and Fixed Vectors



After this Masterclass, Francisco Ramos will also be available to answer questions raised during the session. Sign up now by clicking on the Mistika Masterclass session of your choice below:

09:00 UTC/GMT Session

18:00 UTC/GMT Session