Join VR experts Hugh Hou and Ignacio Ferrando discussing trending VR workflows with KanDao Obsidian Pro & Mistika VR

Published On: May 20th, 2021

SGO and KanDao are hosting an exclusive online live event, open to the global VR community where renowned industry guru Hugh Hou and one of the pioneers of 360º photography Ignacio Ferrando will speak about the latest trending VR technology, featuring the all new Obsidian Pro, the first 12K 3D VR Cinematic Camera and industry-adopted stitching software Mistika VR

This online live session will take place on Thursday, 10 June 2021 at 17:00 CEST (8 AM PT / 11 PM GMT +8).

At this special event, Hugh and Ignacio will be exclusively showcasing how the brand new integration of Obsidian Pro in Mistika VR is optimizing their post VR workflows and how to get perfect results in just a matter of minutes. Hugh will begin with some of his favourite tips and tricks to tackle stitching challenges and create truly immersive content. Ignacio will then dive deeper into Mistika Boutique and reveal some cool workflow and color grading techniques that not only save time but also open a whole new world of creative possibilities. 

We will also have the pleasure of hosting Dan Chen, CEO of KanDao, who will discuss some of the innovative features of their brand new camera and be available to answer questions at the end of the session.

Meet our Speakers

Hugh Hou, CreatorUp

Hugh Hou is a Co-Founder and Creative Director of CreatorUp, a digital media education company and production studio, where he partly dedicates his time to share his vast experience in immersive technologies and VR filmmaking on their YouTube channel. On the other hand, Hugh heads up immersive media content creation and has produced VR content for numerous companies and organizations such as Netflix, Samsung, the Special Olympics, Google, Oculus, MasterCard, Twitter, TikTok, RedBull Music, LACOSTE, Huawei, Ford, and the Los Angeles Police Department. He also directs and produces Mixed Reality music videos and has worked with musical artists such as I Prevail, Joyner Lucas, Cypress Hill, and SHAED.

Ignacio Ferrando, ABACO Digital

Ignacio is one of the pioneers of 360º photography with over 25 years of experience in the field. As a co-founder of Abaco Digital, he has worked on hundreds of VR projects including panoramic 360º photography and VR stereoscopic video. As a certified drone pilot and very passionate about nature and outdoor activities, Ignacio has always pushed the limits to achieve impactful 360º shots of scenic landscapes. Working as a Director of Photography on several 360º video projects around the world, he collaborated on projects for leading international clients such as UNICEF, National Geographic, IKEA, World Bank, UN, MSF and many others.

Dan Chen, CEO of Kandao Technology

As a co-founder and CEO of the leading VR Cameras and Software Systems provider Kandao Technology, Dan takes care of strategic leadership and oversees the company’s initiatives, research and development. With his technical expertise in electronic product design and imaging technologies, Dan has led a number of Kandao’s technological breakthroughs, from professional and industrial level 3D VR hardware and software system ”Obsidian” that won the CES “Best of Innovation” award, to portable 360º/3D camera that bring the new imaging technologies to the consumer.

About SGO & Mistika Technology

SGO is a Spanish high-end technology company with decades of experience in developing and integrating high-end post-production solutions. Their award-winning post-production turn-key solution Mistika Ultima has achieved market notoriety for developing customized post tools and workflows for many of the industry leaders all around the world. Built on years of research, development and production experience, Mistika Technology empowers users with new levels of creative power, performance, and efficiency in HDR, UHD/4K, 8K, S3D and VR workflows. Mistika VR changed the way multi-camera optical flow stitching is done and importantly contributed to the optimization of VR post-production pipeline.

About KanDao Technology 

Kandao Technology is a high-tech company focused on creating innovative imaging products and both hardware and software development. Being the first Chinese company rewarded as Best of Innovation of CES in the Digital Imaging product category, Kandao is in the leading position of VR technology, Ultra-HD video camera development and video conferencing camera development. Rewarded by the CES Innovation Awards, IF Design Awards, The Red Dot Design Award, and German Design Award, Kandao Technology is always dedicated to provide the most valuable product and best experience for users. 

About Kandao Obsidian Pro

Kandao Obsidian Pro is the first 12K 3D VR Cinematic Camera and can capture 12K x 12K 30FPS 3D panoramic video. Eight APS-C sensors and eight 6K f2.8 Lenses with a 14-elements 10-groups optical design ensure cinematic imaging quality. It is the first panoramic camera that has an electronic-control adjustable focus distance and aperture. Its 14-stops dynamic range realizes the smooth transition from shadow to highlight. 24 million pixels and ISO value that can reach 12800 are the key factors for recording rich details and performing excellently even in dark. 12-bit RAW video and ProRes 10-bit video recording are both available. Integrated SSDs module achieves high-speed storage for eight lenses.