Mistika technology stands out with finishing the Underwater Mermaid project

VR Gets Wet for ‘Underwater Mermaid’ Swimwear Short, an article by Bryant Frazer

This ambitious project was created for the HTC Vive by Soma Fashion Network. Creative Director Karen Morgan described it as “a fantasyland that completely envelops the user”.

Cognition LA took care of finishing Underwater Mermaid Project, where stitched 4k images were conformed in Mistika system by Mike Williams.

“Workflow consultant Gustavo Mendes set up the Mistika with a 360-degree viewing node, allowing senior colorist Mike Eaves to pan around the spherical environment as the client watched the view change from their seats in the DI theater, mentions Frazer on the article.








The colorist Mike Eaves also explained the process of the color correction in Mistika. “In an initial pass, I graded the shots with primaries to match the footage cut to cut,” Eaves explained in a statement provided by Cognition. “I then used the HSL keyer to isolate and color the water, and to isolate highlights and make them golden. Both HSL keys added an ethereal feel.”

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