SGOs’ Mistika v8.7 showcases VR, HDR, Colour Grading and 8K capabilities at IBC 2016

SGO, the high end post production software and systems developer will be showcasing a substantial number of new post-production tools to service the most demanding high end finishing for Virtual Reality (VR), High Dynamic Range (HDR) grading, and 8K post production at IBC 2016. These capabilities will be demonstrated through Mistika v8.7 that will be displayed on Booth 6.A11 at the RAI in Amsterdam from the 9th-13th of September.

Mistika 8.7 introduces a multitude of Immersive Reality VR specific functions. The toolset, that integrates into existing Mistika Stereo 3D toolsets, allows users to roto shapes that distort and dynamically adapt to the spherical VR space, allowing for realtime playback and colour grading. Additionally, the latest version of Mistika offers VR streaming capabilities directly to tablets, phones and other network enabled devices; such as Samsung GEAR VR that will be available at the stand.

Version 8.7 of Mistika benefits from editorial auto-conform interface that will provide users with smart filters and matching tools enabling users to import and link an ever growing variety of client provided AAF, EDL, and XML timelines to the intended original media. The NEW tools will also make it easier for clients to auto-conform against untouched source footage as well as re-auto-conform against already worked on media.

Furthermore, Mistika 8.7 showcases several colour selection Keyers, such as the 3D keyer, RGB keyer, improved HSL keyer, unique 4th ball highlight recovery tool, HDR mode, and expanded HDR range sliders. These enable users to work well outside of the standard 0 – 100% video range.

Tanya Walker, Marketing Manager at SGO, said, “Mistika has always been unique in that it covers the whole of the post production process, but we’ve been listening and understanding what we can do to become more flexible for our users. As a result we’ve developed a totally adaptable system where every operator can work the way they want to through the flexibility of the new features that can be used both for VR and general post production.”

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