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Affordable Mistika Technology Real-time Playback and Review for VFX

What is Mistika Review?

Mistika Review is an incredibly easy-to-use software solution that enables reliable real-time playback and review of VFX shots or clips, supporting many native file types, resolutions, frame rates and color spaces. This facilitates efficient and optimized post-production workflows of even the most demanding UHD, 8K, HDR, HFR and VR/360º projects.

Improving Communication

Mistika Review allows creatives and decision makers to check the quality and status of a project at any stage of the creative process. Users can change the speed, frame rate, zoom in and out during playback and share notes and suggestions utilizing colored markers with annotations.

Unique Playback Capabilities

SGO’s globally acclaimed herosuite, Mistika Ultima, is recognized by the industry for its unique and unparalleled playback capabilities. Mistika Review utilizes a newly developed caching system that even works on much smaller and less demanding platforms, allowing dependable real-time playback of hi-resolution media, even at 8K.


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